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This is a place where I (Chandale Corl) have decided to put my own artwork, poetry, and stories, that are all of my own creation. Please enjoy.

My Pictures

This is the tattoo I might be getting on honor of my mother, Annamarie Corl, who passed away Semptember 7, 2003.

This is a dog I drew a few years ago, it started out on a tiny grid drawing, I made another grid which was larger, and then did the drawing square by sqaure, and came up with this dog.

This is a face I drew in eleventh grade art class, I then added lines to it and did the shading, look closely and you can still see the face.

I drew this a little less then a month ago, it's an anthro.

This was done towards the end of my senior year of highschool. Other then the pink background which was done solid with paint the rest of the color you see such as the green of the leaves and such where done with many tiny little dots that i did with markers.

This is a drawing I did in my senior year of highchool, it took a little over a month, and it is done in nothing but pencil, with only a little black colored pencil used for the darkest areas of the picture. The picture is actually larger then this but this is all I could fit when I took a picture of her.

This is another piece completed during my senior year of highschool, done with only pen and sharpies.


My Written Work

A Lesson Well Learned (Story)


Chapter One (The Kill)
She walked with a purpose, moving gracefully through the crowd that had been drawn to the blood like flies. She caused those nearest to her to part quickly with only one glance at her, for those of them that took a second glance they ran off screaming. She was indeed not human, but what was she? She did not look like any creature ever seen before, yet she seemed to be a mixture of many. Where flesh should be was short silky smooth fur, where her butt should have been was a tail that swayed from side to side and that was tipped with the softest blue hair imaginable, and where her ears should have been where nothing, but by looking higher up upon her head one could see the very tips of cat like ears sticking out from a mass of tangled blue hair. So there she was, moving closer and closer, drawn by the delicate smell of the blood, by the smell of a fresh kill. Her nails where still caked in the victims blood and she sucked on one long finger as she now stood over her victim who lay lifeless before her. Without second thought to what she was doing she reached down and scooped her young male victim up in her arms and moved through the streets with him, drawing many fearful stares from those who she passed. On and on she walked until she reached the line of the forest that surrounded the tiny town. Glancing backwards as to make sure that she was not being followed she entered into the forest. Her movements where silent, the lust to kill still in her, and keeping her predatory instincts on the rise. Still farther she walked until she found herself in a sun filled clearing where there were many rocks and boulders, placing her kill upon one of this she ran her fingers along the dead body with relish. She then began to feast upon her kill, savoring the taste of blood, muscle, tissue, and meat until she could no longer eat anymore. Yawning and stretching with blood dripping from her mouth she moved to a large boulder and gracefully climbed her way up, leaving behind her kill to rot like a fish. Reaching the tip of the boulder and let out a cat like roar and then laid herself careful down, allowing her eyes to close afterwards as she drifted off into a deep sleep.
Chapter Two (Playing Games)
She awoke the next day to find the sun hidden behind thick gray clouds, and the smell of moisture in the air. Letting out a soft meow she slowly decended from the rock onto the grassy forest floor beneath her. Frowning a little as she looked up at the sky she licked the blood that had remained off of her mouth, finding it better to look tidy then like a mess. After she had groomed herself in the mouth area she got back up and began to move off into the deep spooky forest, not even giving a back glance to the rotting meat and bone left on the rock behind her. As she moved about the forest she began to wonder what the humans were up to now, and wondering how long it would be before they found the corpse in the forest, she smirked at this thought, knowing that they'd be to stupid to find it anyway, at least not right away. Her ears perked up slightly as she listened to the sounds around her, finding it to be quieter then normal, and knowing that something wasn't right. Smirking slightly she moved down to all fours as the change began to take place, bones poped and twisted and her skin shrunk and withered until finally she stood there as an overly large tiger with a blue back and white stomach, along with a pair of white angel wings. She glanced about a little more before she folded her wings close to her back and continued on. She kept going, as if drawn by something, moving past tree and boulder, bush and fern, until she reached yet another clearing. Raising her nose up into the air she sniffed, searching for something or other. Finding the scent that she was looking for she kept going, now at a faster pace, knowing that what she was following was still at a distance and moving farther away by the way the scent seemed to be fading. Her paws thudded the ground like a herd of buffalo and despite the mud that was left over from a previous rain two nights ago she kept going, never slowing once. Farther and farther from the town she got and thicker and easier to smell the scent became until she reached what she was looking for. A female wolf stood high upon a cliff looking down in the area she was in and with a cat like smile that showed secret humor within it she sat down on her butt and looked upwards, letting out a soft meow.
Chapter Three (The Fire)
The female wolf looked down at her for a moment or two as if contemplating the overly large cat before she moved herself down along the cliff and then down a rocky path to the forest floor below. Both wolf and tiger sniffed each other before the tiger gently batted at her friend in a playful manner. Recieving what she was looking for, a bat back, the two began to play, chasing after each other and attempting to out do each other like friends would, all moves playful. Then a sudden streak of lightening cracked through the grey sky and a loud boom of thunder followed, and after that came the smash of a tree. Cat like ears perked up slightly at the sound of crackling fire and she looked to her friend with fear on her face and in her blue eyes. "There is a tree on fire, somewhere close by!" Before the last word was even out of her mouth her friend took off to warn the others that where close by. She moved after her friend, her agile tiger body giving her the enhanced speed that she needed to keep up with this determined wolf. Reaching the wolf populated area they began to get everyone out, and while everyone was being counted by the female wolf the tiger took the time to check every crevice of every place to make sure that none were left behind. Sniffing the air she sneezed and growled softly, smelling the smoke, and after glancing upwards, being able to see it. Once both wolf and tiger where certain that everyone was outside of the dens the tiger looked to the wolf, "I know a place the fire cannot reach, especially with the wind blowing in another direction." Getting a nod as a responce she took off, the others following closely behind her, she made sure she moved fast enought to get them to safety quickly, but slow enough so that the pups could keep up as well without problem. They moved through the forest, the large group, and through clearing after clearing until the tiger found what she was looking for, a large rocky outcrop, showing the way to safety she led the pack of wolves to the center of the rocks and then she turned to face them. "You may stay here for as long as you need." The large female wolf gave her a smile and then nuzzled her gently before responding, "Thank you, Zoe." The tiger smiled and responded, "You're very welcome, DarkTear." A young pup then spoke up in a voice choked with tears, "I'm hungry."
Chapter Four (The Hunt For Food)
Looking to the young pup Zoe smiled. "I know just what you need.", she said as she sped off, leaving them behind to get comfortable and to get to know their new surroundings better. She knew where to look for food, having stayed in this area for a long while. She once again entered into predator mode and moved through the large rocks and even larger boulders and then in the forest that was untouched by the fire. She kept going, crouching down low as to keep herself hidden as she allowed her nose to lead the way. She began to think about what to catch, rabbit or other small animals wern't enough to feed them all, she needed to find something larger, much larger, but how would she get it back? That answer came fast enough as she looked around and found that she wasn't hunting alone, DarkTear was there with her, along with others. The small hunting group moved farther and farther into the thickening forest around them until prey was spotted, a herd of deer that where grazing. Looking around she spotted a few large buck and ran her tongue across her teeth before crouching down low. Then, all of a sudden, the attack happened, all aiming for one particularly large buck and with great skill shown from all the buck fell to the ground dead. A howl went up, singling the others to come. Zoe sat back and watched, having already eaten only hours ago. When all had had their fill they moved back to the rocky area and Zoe showed them into a rather large cave that had been formed out of the side of an overly large boulder.
Chapter Five (Cool And Calm)
Over the next many days everything stayed calm and collective. Everyone seemed to be getting along find and doing very well. Hunting became a breeze for all as they began to learn about the area that Zoe had showed them to. Zoe was keeping away from the prying eyes of the humans for fear of bringing trouble to any of the pack, something she certainly did not want. The fire never reached the hunting grounds that Zoe had showed them to, and had been put out by a sudden rain storm the night after Zoe had showed them where she was living. But of course things never stayed peaceful for very long in the wild and soon man had entered into the forest, man on the hunt for fur. Zoe came back with the report of having spotted several poachers in the area, all heavily armed with their weapons of death and destruction. The pack kept at a distance from the humans, feeling it safer not to interfere with what was going on in other parts of the forest since most of the pups where still quite young.
Chapter Six (Life Or Death)
Despite the fact that the pack had kept mainly to themselves and had never strayed far enought to man to be seen the humans where moving closer and closer with each passing day. Night had fallen on the sleepy group but Zoe was still wide awake, having made sure that she had taken an extra long nap while the sun was still up so that she could keep watch when night had fallen. She knew she had brough the back into unfamiliar territory and therefore knew she'd feel bad if something where to happen to them in this place. Seeing everyone safely inside Zoe climbed as high as she could so that she could keep watch for miles around, but she hardly had expected man to be so close. No sooner it seemed had to reached the tip of the cliff that man had entered into the area. Reacting quickly she darted down rock after rock, stumbling with her sudden burst of speed and causing a few small rocks to hit the ground. Noticing the men looked around, obviously frightened and wondering what exactly was around. Loading up their guns and arming themselves with knives and daggers they spread out to search the area, hoping that the rock faller, whatever it was, had a nice coat of fur on it's back. Reaching the grass below Zoe moved quickly into the cave, warning the others that man was near, and in their area. She then left before anyone could say a word to her, taking off with speed and agility as her friends, and her eyes nose and ears as her guide, that was when it happened.
Chapter Seven (Big Bang)
A loud bang ripped through the almost silent forest and then Zoe felt a pain in her side like never before, tripping over her front paws she stumbled forward and rolled into a thorn bush. Letting out a loud screech of pain she slowly attempted to get up onto her four legs but found that the struggle was pointless. Searching for the reason of her pain she found a bullet wound in her side. Letting out a soft whimper she looked around for the shooter, hoping that he had lost her in her sudden tumble. Minute after minute passed by, and just as she was begining to feel that perhaps it was safe again to try and rise she saw the man who had shot her, he had walked out from behind a tree and had his loaded gun pointed right between her eyes. Just as she thought that her life was over she heard a growl and the next thing she knew the mans eyes lighted up with fear and then pain before he fell face first into the dirt covered ground, DarkTear latched onto him. With a fast and vicious attack DarkTear killed the man and then went to Zoe's aid. Others soon showed up, and the forest fell silent once more, either man had been destroyed, or had fled. With the help of the others she was taken back to the rocky cave, her grim looking fate unknown.
Chapter Eight (The Mysterious Power)
Minute after minute passed as those from the pack gathered around their fallen friend. Zoe lay still, her eyes closed and her breathing shallow, her wings where spread out behind her so that they wouldn't touch the wound. Silence was with them in the cave until the tinest sound came from Zoe, a single hiccup. Following these was a series of events, Zoe had given a tiger like laugh despite her weakness, her body had begun to glow, the bullet poped out of her side and flew across the room and then finally her wound healed. Soon after the healing was done the glow left Zoe once more and she closed her eyes, in great need of rest.
Chapter Nine (New Beginings)
In the days that followed the struggle against the clutches of death DarkTear and the rest of the pack had found new territory and had made a new place for themselves to stay. Deciding that she would rather be with the pack that she knew and loved then by herself as most feline hunters were she left with them, leaving the horrible memories of the many nights alone, and then the single night of terror behind. Years and years passed and the pack lived in bliss and harmony, but none forgot about man, and none forgot that man was the enemy and couldn't be trusted.

False Face (Poetry)

I wear a mask of false faces
Hiding who I truly am inside
Hiding what I wish to be
I play pretend
Acting like they would like me to act
Pretending to be happy
But I'm not really happy
I want to be me
Want to be who I am
But I'm afraid
Afraid that if they see the real me they won't like it
Afraid of being judged
But this game of pretend must stop somewhere
Before they find out the truth from someone else

Darkness Within (Poetry)

The sky turns dark yet night has hardly fallen
It's to dark to see even your hand a foot in front of your face
Lightening flashes, black lightening, casting no light on the people
The people, oh yes, they run screaming like a chicken with it's head cut off
They don't know what's going on, all they know is that it's not safe anymore
Wicked laughter rings out in the darkness
Laughter that could curse anyone to eternal damnation
It doesn't stop either, it only grows as if more laughter where joining it
The volume becomes louder and louder still
Ears begin to bleed and people drop to the ground in to much pain to scream out
The air becomes thick and heavy as if fog has fallen all around
It chocks people and makes it hard for them to breath
There is no way out of this madness, of this Hell
There's no place you can run and hide, it hunts you down, no matter where your at
It knows your every thought, your every fear and nightmare
It knows you more then you could imagine knowing yourself
Knowing what makes you tick and what makes you cry
How to make you suffer forever in it's grasp
It is your heart, your soul, your mind
And it's taking control slowly and painfully and it won't stop until it has destroyed you

Is It Heaven

The bright morning sun's rays hit the dew covered grass
Giving it a gorgeous shine and warming up the air
The sweet smell of a previous rain hangs around, enticing the senses
Flowers stand open, silently revealing their beauty deep within them
A gentle wind blows through the air, softly caressing the skin
The grass is soft, gently tickling the body
Butterflies fly all around, made of all different colors
Landing on the nose, causing the smallest children to sneeze
The Earth whispers secrets that deaf ears cannot hear
This is such a secret place
Where only the good can be
Where no violence or tragic war has ever touched
It is the place children visit in their sacred dreams
Could it be Heaven?
In all of it's beauty and grace?
Or could it be somewhere else?
No one will ever know until it's found
But should we really look for it?
Should we touch this untouched ground?
Or should we leave it alone forever, leave it just like it was?
That comes from within is, this answer.
Only children should touch this place.
The only ones who are truly pure and innocent.
They could come to this place.
For children do not know destructive, dangerous power.
All they know is laughter, love, and grace.
So maybe one day the place will be touched, the little spot of heaven.
But only a child's hands, feet, and heart should grace this holy place.
As it should have been for all time.

Written by,
Chandale Corl bananna_dreadlock.gif

Complete Work

To be able to see more artwork completed by me please go to and do a search for AislingLady or and then click on my gallery. There are a lot more drawings, a painting or two, and then some more poetry. I hope to be able to write a new story soon.

I would like to thank all of my friends who helped me through all of the hardtimes in my life and who stood by me no matter what the circumstances where. You guys are true friends, you're my heros, and I'll never forget you for all that you've done for me. You've kept my sanity in tact, and that's saying something. Even though all of you have helped me through things, there are a few of you who stood out more then the rest. Bryan, I'd like to thank you for keeping me calm and collect during all of these trying times, including the move which has had me on the verge of tears many times, you make my heart, mind, and soul feel at ease. Tiffany, I'd like to thank you for keeping me laughing, you always seem to know what to say and how to act to make me forget everything that is going on. Margeret, I'd like to thank you for always being there for me no matter what, I've always been able to talk to you about any problem I might have and that's helped me out a lot. Della, you're a sweet kid and you've helped me to cope with things, and you've given me ideas on how to make things better. Amy, you where always an awesome friend, every chorus class you could make me laugh no matter what was going on, and no matter what was happening in my homelife, you are a great person, don't change that, I know you'll go on to help many more people in the future. You are all awesome! No matter what has happened in my eighteen years of life my friends have always been there for me to help me see it through, and even if your name isn't mentioned on this site please do not think that means that I think any less of you, you are all my friends, and I love you all. I just hope that one day I'll get to repay the deep kindness that you've all shown me. There is one more thanks I'd like to give before I finish up. I'd like to thank all of my teachers who kept me going, they are true heros as well, they helped me to see my potential and kept me going the entire year even when I was on the verge of giving up. Special thanks to one particular teacher, Mr. Weaver, my art teacher. You taught me great things in artclass, and helped me to see the real me behind the mask that I put up. You kept me working until I had truly done my best, and through that art I learned a coping skill that really works for me, and that is something I know will go with me through the years. It is thanks to Mr. Weaver that I was able to actually achive the drawings and things that I did, because without him pushing me to continue I would have given up long ago, and would never have completed anything properly, let alone done it to the best of my ability. Thanks goes out to all of you who've been in my life, no matter where I've lived, gone to school, or traveled. You guys are true heros, and keep up the good work. I truly do hope that I'll be able to help someone in the future just as you guys have helped me out.


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