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Date of Birth:
October 26, 1956
I have an 11 year old son I am walking at 51 after they told me I would never walk again. I am gentle and would love to have a chat list full of kind gentle friends to chat with are you one of those kind of people? i like to meet purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrect people lol just joking i love to joke and have fun and i hope you all have fun with me also i love my kids and taking long nature walks i crochet when my hands allow. i keep busy with housework don't make the kids do much because kids should be kids, they are only kids for such a short time. i love life and live each day as if it was my last because i know from experience that i well could be. mostly i love people and love to be able to chat in here with you all. Location: Peru, Ind..
I was born about 30 miles from Flint Mi. Grew up in a small town not to far from there. Spent time in Saginaw alot. Till mom moved us to Silver lake In when I was 13 that is


Please Feel Free To Visit Robert's Web Site-Click On The Link Robert's World. HAVE FUN

live every day hour minute second and microsecond as if it were your last tell people how you feel when you have the chance

always speak your mind and never back down never dishonor your own sense of morality for any reason but never attempt to impose said morality on others unless others are harming others lol


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Sweet Jesus grant me the ability to live each day with the peace I need to handle the situation I find myself in. Let me be able to love all and never forget that you are here with me. Let me always remember how much I love everybody, and that I am of a forgiving nature. In Jesus name I pray amen

"Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me"

The sun coming up over the mountain is so beautiful, that I was over came with feelings joy and sadness both at the same time. Could I run and hide
from these today? My age is catching up with me I am suspose to be getting wise but I don't feel any wiser? Isn't it said with age comes grace where is my share? Then again I thought things are good I am alive I have my son.
I am able to walk talk and take care of what needs be done. Life is good!

that is very moving and so very true also very
hard as we take our walk through life we seem
to get side tracked so very easy by the little
things and miss out on the big target we are
supose to be aiming for

Do a little dance
sing a little song
be happy

if we all gave a tiny bit of love today
like we wanted to be loved the world
would be such a beautiful place

I to believe that we need to be back in touch
with the spirit of our God. People have fallen
away, and that has caused children to have no
knowledge of the pure true love of our sweet
Lord which is so sad.

Hi I am sister sue ( debbie) the mom of 2 charming children. Daughter 17, son 9 and I can tell you that I have gotten an education with my son. I just turned 50 today. A wonderful experence I can tell you. Most will tell you I am ornery as can be but I say I am just as my momma made me

An Angel Was Watching Over Her -God Wanted Her To Live- Praise God

One morning in April 10 years ago God placed an Angel in my life then 4 years ago in Feb, I went into full failure. I saw the light was on my way. The beauty was fantastic. Suddenly an Angel started singing to me a simple little song. One I had sung to him as a baby. I was instantly drawn back to the floor and well I am here as we know today. The angel is Robert my son who was never to be born. God can work many things in our daily lives. I am living proof.

As I sit here, thinking, rolling over things in my head.
I realize what a blessed person I am.
I have my family, food, a home.
I have friends. And I have zp family, yes we are a
tight knit family some wild one's some ornery and some
tame. As a family there are fights and bickers time to
stop and be friends again

I make all the love my family can give me for being mom and wife

Giving birth gave me my greatest happiness. Love is pure happiness. Friendship. Going on nice walks. Beautiful days. Smiling faces. Christmas morning and the joy of the kids.

In life you have to take the good and the bad.
I have found that the bad teaches us how to
live with the good. There isn't as much bad as
we think there is if we just open our eyes and
look at our life. God gives us plenty of chances
to live good and happy. It is up to us to grab
the chances and run with them

Life is short. It can be gone just as quick as a blink of an eye.
We need to learn to take each day. Every minute as a blessing
and live it to the fullest. With open eyes. Open heart. Seeing the
beauty of the land and sky. Feeling the beauty of the love all
around us. May the Good Lord Bless each of you and yours

We are gifted each day with each beat of our hearts.
Each breath we take. The Sun and the rain. Trees and
flowers. All the wonders of the earth have been gifted to
us for our care just because our maker loved us.

Can we do less? Can you not love yourself or others
knowing what your maker has done for you? All out of
his love for you?

Love is a beautiful thing just as the birds, flowers and
butterflies. Tender as a babies kiss. Can soften the
hardest heart. Open up love today.

Each day is a blessing we are gifted. How we handle that gift is up to us, we can walk around grumpy thinking our life is all bad and not see the true worth, or we can open our hearts and feel the real joy. Open our eyes and see the real beauty we have been truely blessed with. The love that is right under our noses if we just look. Are you going to stay blind and hard hearted? Or be blessed. I love you all.

 I must admit that without the Lord I would probibly give up.
Time get to hard to cope with but the Lord alway lightens my burdens
He cheers me up and makes me happy with his love.

All I have to do is call out to him and he is here loving me
What a wonderful father we have.

As I was looking out my window there was a bright shining star to the north. It tugged at my heart to follow. I gathered up a few things and away I went. Using the stat as my guide . Around midnight in the town of Bethleham in a small stable i was let to a tiny manger to a babe. Surrounded by kings and sheperds and animals. I fell to my knees rejoicing as I knew my Precious Jesus had been born. When my time came for my gift I looked at Mary and cried. I have nothing but love. The babe cooed and Mary said that is a wonderful gift for love last forever.

In the darkness as I sit alone I do not fear
because I know I have my Father looking
down taking care of all my needs. Caring
for me, and taking away my fears that come
in the night.

All I have to do is call out to him and he is
right here to calm me. Filling me with his
love and strength. How can we ever thank
him for such love?

I think that just to love him back and be
his friend. To honor his world and all his
treasures. But mostly to just love each
other as he loves us.

In a moments time
the petal falls
the flower dies
the bloom is gone.

Wake each morning with a breath anew
and a smile on your face. Greet your maker
with joy and respect. Your family with love.
This simple little thing will bring a light to
each new day that will brighten it for everyone
you love and touch.

I sit here at this late hour house all quiet thinking of all my blessings.
My kids, even as spoiled as they are they are truly a blessing.
My husband in there snoring. He is a blessing even tough he is a grouch,
The roof over my head. The food in my cupboards, My clothing.
Yes I am truely blessed, and I owe it all to our maker. Our Lord for he
gives us with out even being asked,. Such a good father he is.

Each day as it ends and we lay our heads down have we thanked the Lord?
For the bounties of the day that he has given us.
The morning sun to wake us
The Food to nourish. Do we go through everyday being so involved with
our lives that we don't stop and think where our daily blessings come from?

It only takes a few minutes to give blessings to the one that deserves the true
thanks for our bountiful blessings. Do you take time?

I wake each morning thank the Lord
for another beautiful day.
I count all my gifts if have, my kids
husband, a roof over my head. Food
to eat, cloths to wear. I have all this
because of the blessing of the Lord.

Do we remember that everything
comes through him the trees to the
food we eat? How easy it is to pass
each day and forget to say thankyou
to him that gives.

The Lord gives us a great gift in children
we are to love and teach each one the ways
of kindness and knowledge of the earth and
of His ways.

So many times we get to tied up in worldly
things and teaching that we forget what
the real teaching are.

Children are the furture. We pass on our
past and our whole world through them.

this is going to be a simple thought
from my son's mouth
"mom why can't God just reach
his hand down and work a miracle
and save all those people"
now i had to try and explain to him
that God was working a miracle by
all of the american people pitching
in and helping to get them out and
other countries helping also the mind
of a child makes us think!

I awoke to a happy furry face this morning
she purred and rubbed against me wanting

Thats how all Gods creatures are human or
beast in their own way they want respect
and love.

Can we be noble enough to show the respect
that God placed in our hearts for one another?
It takes so little to respect another just a
moment in time.

We are graced with a mind to guide us. Eyes to help see the way. Feet to do the walking. but it is the heart filled with the love of the Lord that leads the way always. If we just let him, and don't be stubborn thinking we are all so smart and strong. We can go through life without him. Yea right thats like saying we can live without breathing. Okay I said my thought for today. Mamma kitty

i sit here today watching tv knowing i am a lucky woman
i am safe and alive
all those poor people in the path of the storm that perfect
work of mother nature that worked it's path through our
country distroying all in it's path even life of humans.
i can only pray that the Lord was with them and they are
at peace with him in glory and the one alive are safe
and rescued soon.
this storm is something that makes you really think of
your life and how you are living because in a moment in
time you could be taken and are you ready to go?

wake each morning blessed with the sunshine on your face
and the love of God bursting out of your heart
loving your family and mother earth
and God will love you

there's a song we sing called God on the Mountain
and he is also God of the valley
he has truly brought me out of many vallies in my life
and guided my path back up the mountain path to the
top each time speaking kind gentle word of encouragement
and love
all i had to do is have the open heart to listen

in my studies there is a verse that applies to what you both are discussing
Proverbs 18:21 Death,and life are in the power of the tongue,
and who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it (for death or life)
i try to live by that verse daily. for it is so true.
one quick word and you can dishearten a person or
make a persons day. personally i would love to see
the smile than the tears.


as i sit here in the wee hours of the morn
and sleep escapes me i ponder on life and
what i blessing i truely have.

i have life, love, children,and happiness
what more can a body really ask for?

my life was spared 4 years ago when
the Lord decided i wasn't ready for heaven
and sent me back home to earth when i was
in full arrest.

my love is an 8 yr old son who is a blessing
from the Lord that i was told i would never
have and i delivered at the age of 41. and
my new family i got last year a daughter and
new husband

and my happiness is just being alive to
enjoy all i have around me and knowing
the the Lord loves me enough to have
saved me for these pleasures

sit and listen to the wind in the trees
or the birds in the air
their beauty is a prayer to the Lord

listen to the water rushing in a river
or the rain hitting the roof
it is a prayer to the Lord

our children outside playing
the bee's buzzing
that too is a prayer to the Lord

all these things are little humble
prayers each day so can we do less

Wink love

love is like a smile from a child
soft and tender
love is a gift we give not take
love is our life if we just open
our heart and let it in

Cool meowwwwwwwwww

a simple kindness is like a big smile to a downtrod person
or a small gift to a giftless child on christmas
are we so petty that we can overlook the poor and downtrod of the
i hope not!
purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for all you can

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