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-Carol Ann Nelson 1994

Many a poet has written poemsand sonnets to describe the beauty of their  lady love speaking of their physical appearance

in glowing terms

Today I wish to touch on a different kind of beauty one much more rare and precios - inner beauty and the special lady who has it in abundance my friend Kathy

Kathy is a woman of dreams and vision beyond compare

She's also a woman with the courage and determination to face the the hardships life throws her way and still strive

to reach her goals

She's also a lady with a heart as big as they come Concerned for others and not just in thoughts but in deed

A woman od wisdom, grace and style

She's a wife and mother who inspires the rest of the family to be all they can be

A lady who finds time to be involved in her church and community in many ways while still 

pursuing her dreams and caring for her family

On top of all  the above she has many friends and is always finding time and ways to inspire, comfort and help them  

She is truely one of the most remarkable people I know

This is why I say anyone who knows Kathy and is counted as her friend is truely blessed

For Kathy and others like her are what heroes are made of

Happy Birthday Kathy and may all your hopes and dreams for yourself and others be fulfilled.


Garden of life

For Kathy and Bill on their wedding day

In the garden of life there are many lovely flowers among which there is one who stands above the rest I speak of my friend Kathyann

Kathyann you are a rose of rare beauty that shines among the other flowers as a diamond shines brighter than the other jewels and gemes to be found

Kathyann you have a special gift for touching the lives of all those around you with the gifts of love, warmth and laughter you bring sunshine to all our lives

Today is your wedding day my dear friend

I wish with all my heart I could have been there to see you start this new journey of your life

In place of being there I send this poem to saythe things I can't be there to say face to face

I wish you and Bill all the best life has to offer.May you always be as happy as you are this day

May your love bloom and grow richer and brighter with each passing year

a constant blessing to each other and those who surround you forever and a day!!




Harold, Tim and June Corl

Tim Corl

THe House I Grew Up In

Marriage To My First Wife KathieAnn Little Jan. 25, 1975

Kathie: Her Dad was Howard Little and Her Mom Was Kathryn Little

Wedding reception

Kathie and Katie

Kristen and Katie


Kristen and katie

Katie and Kristen

Tim Corl, Howard Little Kathie's Dad

Tim (My Graduation From College)Kathie

Kathie and Kristen

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