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Kristen Corl Was Born November 27, 1979- She Died March 8,2008- In a Car Accident. This page is dedicated to her memory with Love by her family and friends. This page is a work of love in progress.-Kristen you will Be always be loved and very much missed.-Love Dad.

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The Following Three Pages Are Dedicated In Loving Memory To Kristen Corl-1. In Loving Memory Of Kristen

                                                                                                                         2. The Last GoodBye

                                                                                                                               (Written By Kathie Corl)

                                                                                                                          3. Kristen' Family Slide Show







A Prayer For Kristen & Other Young Lives That Were Lost-By Tim Corl

Today March 8, 2009 Is The First Anniversary Of The Passing Of My Daughter Kirsten- This Prayer In Part Will Be For Her- But Those That Have Lost, loved ones at an early age.

Dear Lord:
Father God, I don't understand why my daughter Kristen had to die at 29 in a car accident....In my mind it still makes no since to me-- I know in my soul and spirit that she is with Jesus in heaven, But it still does not make it easy- Knowing that she is with you gives me peace, but is still hard to understand...Father God, many of have lost children and others at a young age... May you give us the peace to maybe not understand it but to know that are with you in heaven...May we come to you with a presence to know that they are with you in heaven safe....Cover our hearts and spirits to know that you are God and are taking care of them and are taking care of us...Give us the strength to caring on and be a light to others that have gone through this and keep us in your care and your love that you have for us. Helping us make it through each day- Eventually it will get easier but we will never forget them....Lord, give us the peace that passes all our understanding to continue on with our lives, keeping our eyes on you each and every day...May we always turn to you when things are good as well as when they are sad, We pray for your loving spirit to fall on us and help us through our troubles times. We ask and pray this in your name.
CopyRight 2009 By Timothy Corl


Kristen Marie Corl, 28, was killed Saturday, March 8, 2008, in a car accident in Boca Raton, Fla. A native of Pennsylvania, Kristen was living in Boca Raton with her fiance, Victor Rodriguez. Kristen was a daughter of Kathyann E. Corl, of Harrisburg, and Timothy Lee Corl and his wife, Debbie, of Greensburg. Also surviving are her sisters, Katie Corl and Chandale Corl; and stepbrother, Robert Tackett. She was a student in the Greensburg Salem School District. Memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 27, in Christ Episcopal Church, 145 N. Main St., Greensburg.

Surviving To Kristen Corl

Kristen Corl Family    Surviving Family Members

Kathyann Elizabeth Corl mother and William H Traister, Jr stepfather of Harrisburgh PA; Katrina Elizabeth Corl sister of Harrisburg PA.

Timothy Lee Corl father and his spouse Debra Corl. of Greensburg PA. Kristenís step-sister Chandale Corl. and Debraís son Robert Tackett

Mary Kay Augusta Shames and John Shames ,materanl aunt (momís sister), of Oberlin PA. First  Cousins: Robert Johannson, PJ Shames and Aaron Shames of Oberlin PA.
Marques and Jessica Johannson of Egg Harbor NJ and their daughter Lily Johannson.

Martin Randolph Little ,maternal uncle, (momís brother) of Pequannock, NJ. First Cousins Cory Little and Aaron Little.

Carmen Johannson (Marques and Bobby step sister) and David Harris of Elliottsburg  PA. Children Akala and Alyssa Johannson, Michala and Emily Harris, & Xavier Harris.

Kelly Louise Mc Kean, maternal aunt, (momís sister) of Springfield Illinois. First Cousins: Steven Willsie and Kelsie Mc Kean.

Maternal Cousins and their families (Momís cousins)
Family of Kathryn Littleís sister Mary Lou Sudal
Gina Ahle of Clark NJ. Alex  and Maria Drummond of Moorestown NJ and their children
Emily and Allison Drummond. Nicky Castagna of Clark NJ. William and Lisa Carscadden of Cranford NJ and their children Jessica and Nicole Carscadden. Eugene and Michelle  Castagna of New Providence NJ  and their children Michael, Nicholas, Julia, Elizabeth Castagna.

William and Maureen Craven of Randolph NJ (brother of Kathryn Little Kristenís Grandmother) and their children Katie Craven and Timothy Craven.

There are additional individuals in the Frohlich family  (Grandma Cravenís brother and sister families) however these are more direct relatives to Kristen.

For Victors family the only information I have is listed below
Victor Rodriguez of Boca Rotan Florida.Kristenís fiancť.
Maria Rodriguez of Margate Florida Victorís mom. Victor has sisters in Florida and California.
Kristen was a step-mother to Victorís children who live in New York city and the West Palm Beach are of Florida. Children: Victor, Brian and Jeffrey Rodriguez. Madison and Sean Rodriguez. Kristen was also a step-grandmother to Victor Rodriguez Jrís son Jayden

Thanksgiving Birthday 2008


Your birthday is Thanksgiving this year.

As I remember your life,

I honor the journey that you have traveled.

As a child our journey criss-crossed PA

As an adult you criss-crossed the USA

Marking your life with your ability to stay connected to family

While creating deep and lasting friendships along the way


We all miss you so much

We miss your love and laughter

Leaving an imprint on the life of each of us


It has been over six months yet it seems like only yesterday

We have had so many milestones as a family

Your spirit has been present with each of us in these moments


Yet I continue to mourn from my soul within

I feel so disconnected in these moments

Moments when others are celebrating lifeís moments with joy.


Time is the healer that the Creator has given us

To focus our strength and energy as we begin to grow.

Your life is imprinted on my heart.

All your journeys, your sorrows and your joys

These feelings have become entwined into my soul.

Your presence is with each of us

With each hug and kiss I am trying to learn to smile again.


I love you today, tomorrow and always

I am thankful for the passion for life you taught me

Learning to live in the present and embrace the moments of life.



For the 29th birthday of Kristen Marie Corl                   November 27, 2008


KEC 11/15/08.


A Mothers Memories
Dedicated in thanksgiving for the loving life of
Kristen Marie Corl

Birth and Early Childhood

Kristen Marie Corl was born on Monday, November 27, 1979 at Sacred Heart Hospital, Norristown PA at 8 lbs 8 ounces to her parents Kathyann Elizabeth Corl and Timothy Lee Corl and joined her sister Katrina Elizabeth Corl at their home in Norristown PA.  Kristen had a service of thanksgiving for her birth in December 1979 and was baptized in January 1980 at All Saints Episcopal Church, Norristown, PA.

Kristen experienced a significant fall down a flight of stairs when she was 15 months old which resulted in observation for seizures at Sacred Heart Hospital. When she was 2 Ĺ COPE Professionals (the local counseling services) indicated concern that Kristen may be learning disabled and be mildly hyperactive.  Kristen enjoyed riding her hot wheels up and down the side walks, playing with her my Little Pony or one of her many stuffed animals of which Cookie Monster was her favorite. We would make family trips to the fountain display shows at Longwood Gardens during the summer. (This is where Kristen took some of her first steps) with college friends Howard and Kris. Kristen attended the day care program which she graduated from at ABC Nursery School.  Kathyann was working for Montgomery County Case Management and Tim was working in various residential programs.

Early School Years

North Penn Schools provided Kristen with an intensive learning disabilities program with full day kindergarten and in the summer the Make a wish foundation funded a horseback riding camp designed for children with learning disabilities. During this time Kristen was a Brownie Girl Scout, active with the North Penn YMCA and the Sunday School program at Church of the Trinity, Lansdale where she took her First Communion . Kristen loved to spend time visiting with her friends, her cousins, her grandparents in New Jersey and State College, going to Friendlys for ice cream, making cookies for the holidays with mom, train trips to Philadelphia for special events including the Hands Across America demonstration. The family enjoyed summer weekend trips to Peace Valley Park where Kristen liked to sketch the sailboats on the lake and going to a variety of family events throughout the community. Kathyannís health began to deteriorate which resulted in work changes and resulted in activities becoming more homebound.


In 1987, Tim filed for divorce and during this time Kathyannís father Howard Bond Wayne Little died in New Jersey. These changes and the realities of living on disability resulted in the decision to move to Western PA to be near Rita, a college friend and her family who was also a single parent and to be able to live in a community that would allow family expenses to live with these financial constraints. Kathyann and the girls moved to Greensburg, PA and Kristen began school at Greensburg-Salem schools in the Learning Disabilities Resource Room program.

Kathyann and the girls became members of Christ Episcopal Church which offered them a community at this time, Kristen began counseling at Westmoreland Hospital to deal with her feelings by using her art work and Kristen received a Big Sister, Julie, who became a close friend to Kristen offering her support during the many transitions that Kristen would face. Kristen was a Junior Girl Scout and developed many new friendships with girls from Scouts, school and the church. She enjoyed Girl Scout summer camps where she could learn more horseback riding, photography skills in the Laurel Ridge Mountains. Kristen attended Sunday School at Christ Episcopal Church and was confirmed there when she turned 16. Kristen became involved in Special Olympics where Kristen competed in track and in skiing competitions.

Early Work Life in Greensburg

Kristen began working by doing babysitting in our apartment development when she was 12. She did have a small paper route briefly and then went to work in a small Italian restaurant in South Greensburg as a waitress and discovered work that she loved. Kristen did take training classes through the Private Industry Council in bookkeeping. 


Kathyann re-married in 1989 to Bruce Rodeheaver at Christ Episcopal Church, Greensburg. The family faced immediate challenges with Kathyann needing to use a walker and wheelchair and Bruce developing a very resistant form of Hodgkinís disease. There was a struggle to begin to create a stable home and develop relationships but this was very difficult. During this time Kathyann chose to begin a Franciscan journey of faith becoming a tertiary of the Third Order for over ten years. While living the Franciscan Rule of Life to ground her faith, Kathyann would share the underlying principles of living Franciscan life with the girls, these included living a life of faith and service and joy and simplicity. There were family outings going to community events and park and recreation activities with movies at Lynch Field, there were community days that Kristen loved at Davis Markets where she could make crafts and have photo buttons made each year, there were outings to New Artist openings at the Westmoreland Art Museum where Kristen enjoyed talking with the artists, picnics where we would bring Kristen and her friends to Twin Lakes Park and a family vacation at the youth hostel in Gettysburg.. Kristen loved the church and school outings at Idlewild Park and Kennywood Amusement Park.

Tim Corl moved to Greensburg PA with his wife Anna Marie and daughter Chandale who was Kristenís half-sister.. Holidays were spent together and Kristen enjoyed these gatherings. There were annual trips to NJ to see Kathyannís mom and she would also take the train to see the family in Greensburg.

In 1994 Kathyann returned to school at IUP in an effort to return to work by gaining more skills. This was a difficult time for Kristen because going to school necessitated Kathyann living on campus three days a week and Kristen became closer to her Big Sister and her friends at this time.

In 1996 as Katie and Kathyann were preparing for graduation latter that year, the family suffered the tragic loss of Kathryn Little, Kathyannís mom, on February 14, 1996. This was difficult for Kristen because she had missed the annual trip to NJ while visiting with her aunt Kelly and cousins in Illinois and so had not seen her Grandma that year. It was difficult for Kristen not being at the funeral service.  It was held in Florida where her Grandma had died while visiting her daughter (Kristen's aunt) Mary Kay and her family.  Kristen did attend a service of remembrance at the grave site of our family in Hollywood Cemetery  NJ and then a family gathering at my cousin Lisaís home in NJ.  With the many changes that were occurring in the family: Katie moving to Scranton to go to Marywood University and mom moving to Harrisburg to begin to look for work, Kristen chose to stay in Greensburg with her father and friends and attempt to stay in Greensburg schools with her friends and continue working at her job in Greensburg. When this was unsuccessful Kristen moved to Lakeworth Florida with her Aunt Mary Kay and her family. 

Life in Florida

Kristen lived with Aunt Mary Kay and Uncle John and her cousins Marques, Bobby and PJ. Kristen attended West Palm Beach High School for several months but when she had difficult transferring her school credits she chose to withdraw and latter completed her GED. When Mary Kay and Johnís youngest son Aaron was born Kristen was there to welcome him into the world. When Kristen lived with Mary Kay she went to Disney World with her cousins, walking on the Florida beaches, listening to R&B music with her cousin PJ, dancing, reading and writing her poetry, dancing and going to the Saturday Flea Markets with Mary Kay to decorate her room. She enjoyed living with her Uncle John and just hanging out with him.

Kristen enjoyed working at Rosieís Restaurant and Davis Restaurant as a server.  In the mornings in Florida Kristen would walk the dog and as Victor would be doing his studies he began to wonder who this person was who was walking their dog. When she was working at TooJays she met Victor Rodriguez who was the chef there after a rocky beginning  they  began their relationships while he was a student in the School of Culinary Arts. Kristen supported Victor as he completed his studies at the Institute. Victor and Kristen both loved to travel and after his graduation they moved to Jacksonville Beach  where Victor worked at Mezzalluna and Kristen worked at  a local Sports Bar and at Adams Mark Hotel.  

Exploring America

Kristen and Victor  moved to New Orleans and they began looking for churches attending Calvary Chapel during their travels. Kristen worked at The Court of the Two Sisters, Nolas ( Chef Emerilís restaurant) and at  in the French Quarter` Victor worked at Harrahís Casino. Kristen and Victor then moved to San Francisco where Victor worked as an instructor at Le Cordon Blu yet Kristen had difficulty finding work there. While they were in California they had an opportunity to spend some time with friends of the Franciscan community where they experienced the gift of Christian hospitality. 

After Kathyann had been through a divorce Kristen spent time with family when she visited with her cousin Marques and Florida friends who were now living in Maryland. Kristen and mom had a chance to build their relationship at this time.

Kristen then moved to Los Vegas where Victor worked in the Harrahs Casino and Kristen began working for the Olive Garden.

When Mary Kay and Kathyann were living in Harrisburg Kristen transferred to the Harrisburg Olive Garden for several months and spent some quality time with her family and cousins. Kristen had an opportunity to spend time visiting and getting to know momís friend Bill. Victor joined Kristen in Harrisburg and together they helped coordinate and do the preparations and hospitality for Kathyannís 50th Birthday at St Stephens Cathedral.  Kristen and Victor served a feast of stuffed chicken and tilapia for the congregation and community friends. 

With each move Victor was able to build his skills in culinary arts.  Kristen and Victor then returned to Florida to begin to rebuild relationships with Victorís children and mom first going to Jacksonville and then to Fort Lauderdale where they lived with Victorís mom while re-establishing themselves with new jobs.

Kristen became part of the team at Olive Garden Boca Rotan and Victor working at Bagel Works and doing various culinary opportunities. Kristen thrived while working with the Boca Rotan team becoming a trainer of servers, a hostess and then taking a training program for bartending.

Family Relationship

In Florida Kristen developed close relationships with Victorís family including his mother Maria Rodriguez, his grandmother and his sisters.

Kristen became a step-mother to Victorís five children Victor, Brian, Jeffrey, Madison, Sean and Victors grandson Jayden. . She was able to visit with Victors youngest children Madison and Sean as they were beginning to grow up and had a significant and loving influence on each of their lives. Kristen loved the time that she was able to spend with Jayden watching his begin to grow up. While living with Maria Rodriguez they would attend Calvary Chapel and helped with their food ministry program.

Kristen and Victor were able to return to New Jersey for the wedding of her cousin Marques and to visit with family in the Northeast.

Finding Joy in Life

Life in Florida was full with doing hard work and living life to its fullest. Kristen and Victor enjoyed has fun going dancing, to casinos and having fine food that Victor would prepare, entertaining friends, and watching videos together. In November 2005 Victor and Kristen came to NJ for the marriage of Marques and Jessie and celebrated Kathyannís birthday with her while spending time building relationships with Bill and Kathyann who were being married that spring.   Kristen developed close relationships with family when they would visit  Katie spent the Christmas holiday season with her in 2006, Marques and family visiting in 2007 and Uncle John visiting in 2008. As Kristen was learning to live with chronic health issues she began an intensive schedule of going to the gym to work out and playing basket ball together. In 2007 Kristen located an apartment for them at Savannah Place which was located across the street from the Olive Garden and close to Victors work at Too Jays. This vacant apartment Kristen decorated with love into their home. They found the apartment to be a blessing to them because it was spacious and secure, with a large kitchen space and space fro them to be able to entertain.  Kristen built her relationships with family and friends through her social networking on her My Space account, through phone calls, emails and IMs and electronic cards and greetings. For Thanksgiving 2007 Kristen sent many emails and recipe exchanges to mom as she prepared the lasagna and all the sides and casseroles for Thanksgiving with Victors family. For Christmas 2007 Kristen sent a number of personalized Christmas cards and gifts to many family members and these letters were written with love to each family member. For New Years Victor and Kristen had a New Years Party entertaining their friends with a variety of culinary delights. Kristen was happy and loved and loving the peace she had found in life.


You were born into this world
You lived a good life
Always making people laugh
Making people feel better when they felt down
Always willing to reach that helping hand
With a unique personality all your own
You gave guidance to those who were lost
Always helping a friend in need
Then you were taken away
But I know one thing some don't...
You're not truly gone
We'll all see you one day
Someday in the future
Up in Heaven
Until that day you'll be looking down upon us

Laughing at our silliness and our jokes
Keeping us out of trouble
I love you Sis
Always and forever you're in my heart
Copyright 2008-Chandale Marie Corl

My Sister

Eyes so bright
Hair as soft as silk
Skin as beautiful as satin
Yet, your most wonderful quality was your heart
You're heart of pure gold
You were a friend to the friendless
Guidance to the lost
Always able to make people feel better with your jokes
Your infectious laughter
You will forever be missed
Never forgotten
You are with us still
In our hearts
In our minds
As you should be

No longer shall we shed tears of sorrow
Instead we shall shed tears of happiness
You're up in Heaven now
Watching over us for the rest of our days
We'll all be together one day
When our time here on earth has ended
Just as yours has
We'll be able to laugh, to joke
Just like we used to
Kristen, we all loved you
We all still will forever love you
We know you're laughing at our jokes
Smiling at our accomplishments
Waiting for us to be together again
Friends and family

CopyRight 2008- Chandale Marie Corl


Wings spread wide
Feathers, white feathers, falling lightly to the ground
A graceful angelic being
Heading up into the clouds
Heading up towards the heavens
A gentle whistle whips the wind
As the angelic being moves even faster
Faster and faster
As if fearful heaven would close up on her
As if afraid that something terrible would happen if she slowed herself
Up and up she'd move
Quick as lightening
With flesh as hard as granite
Finally penetrating the clouds
Still moving upwards, a bright light ahead
Then, within seconds from having departed earth
She was there, she was in heaven
Standing at the golden gates, open gates
Entering in she looked around
Bright, beautiful, wonderful
A heavens angel...
CopyRight 2008-Chandale Marie Corl


Young and gentle of heart
Could we understand the part?
Of our life that was so mortal
A part taken for granted in youth
And yet so short we could never quite see
That each minute we spend
Is time never to be repeated?
As the soul looks around it is so unreal
There is no word as how it feels
To watch
To see
To know the change is no longer theirs to make
Guide the hands and spirit of the remaining
Pour out the love on them
If one glimpse of your soul can touch
The crying heart that aches so much
May be be so bold as to say
I will smile for her joy today
For you see we are still in the place of pain
But our beloved is home to stay.
Clayton Young-2008

I Hope You Dance

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances
But they're worth taking
Lovin' might be a mistake
But it's worth making
Don't let some hell bent heart
Leave you bitter
When you come close to selling out
Give the heavens above
More than just a passing glance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
(Time is a real and constant motion always)
I hope you dance
(Rolling us along)
I hope you dance
(Tell me who)
I hope you dance
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
(Where those years have gone)

I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance
(Time is a real and constant motion always)
I hope you dance
(Rolling us along)
I hope you dance
(Tell me who)
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
I hope you dance
(Where those years have gone)

(Tell me who)
I hope you dance
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
(Where those years have gone)
Songwriters: Mark D. Sanders, Tia Sillers

Forever in Our Hearts!
by: Danniella Bassick
Rest in peace sweet angel
Spread your wings and fly
You were lost to soon
We all begin to cry
But be sure sweet angel
Please don't be scared
You will be safe
I know Jesus will take care of you
And love you as well as we did
So go up to heaven
Go up there and shine
We will see you someday in the future
You will be forever here in our hearts!

A Sacred Garden

Nestled between the parking garages, metered parking and a church school and sanctuary is a modest tranquil green space.

It is a serene space where the bustling highway is only a half block away yet it seems like an eternity. It is a small parcel of creation marked with colors and aromas that let one embrace the touch of the presence of the Creator.

Rapturing scents of hybrid-tea roses and a variety of hydrangen transform the air. Black-eyed susans  and snap dragons evoke memories of childlike wonder as the school children laugh with glee manifestations of the Creators diversified signs of beauty. Pansies and hosta bushes flourish throughout the garden while the squirrels scamper between the hedges.

Birds chatter as they seek safe harbor in the treetops, while the homeless stranger rests his head on the wooden bench in the silence of evening tide. Two lovers hold hands as they dream of their future together, a mother sits in bewilderment still trying to understand her loss of her child, while an abused child buries her head into the bench as she prays for Jesusís love.

Life begins in the garden with the greening of each leaf and with the cracking of the bluebirdís egg hidden in the trees. Time flows freely across this sacred space as the mayflies swarm above the greens and the butterflies pollinate the garden. Life begins as the parents push their newborn across the bricks and the grandparents watch their grandchild pick their first flower.

Lifeís dreams come to a close in the garden. Life ends with time, as the tree limbs break with the winter snow and return to the earth while the bricks begin to look weatherworn from the many people who have loving passed by the columbarium. Relationships change when a loved one returns to creation. The memories of the parent and spouse cross as they pass each other while contemplating the ashes of those encased in the columbarium.
Each finds a momentís peace in their memories as they journey towards eternity. Together they touch the presence of the loved ones as they commune with the Creatorís garden.

The circle of life-its beginning and its ending-come to find a place of wholeness and healing in this garden of heavenís beauty on earth.

Kathyann E Corl   8/1/03


A Psalm for Kristen

Hush, my child, you are now at peace

You are home with the angels and with GrandmaĀfs loving arms

Your passion and spirit of life is living inside

Each of us, your family and friends, who knew you and loved you.

Walk into the Light with joy to find peace for your soul

Your spirit has touched all of us

You embraced life to its fullest with a spirit and zest for living

Being able to live the moment finding love in the simplicity of life.

Kristen for your family here your loss was so unexpected, so sudden,

It happened in a moment that changed each of our lives

We are each searching our souls to find a way to move on

Filling our lives with the love that you have given us.

We are each reflecting on the inevitability of death

While celebrating the joy you have brought into the world

Honoring the memories of love and loving

That you knew how to share with each of us,

By sharing your gifts of the Heart.

Kristen we are thankful for the gifts that you have given to us

Sharing your life so honestly and openly with those you loved

Discovering the beauty and happiness of life that is there for each of us

Embracing the moment with a creative passion for life and living.

Kathyann E Corl, Mom


Grounding for the Journey: My Anchor


Through the journey of life we are given many gifts
Gifts that give us focus and direction in living our lives
The girls , Katie and Kristen, were my God given gifts
In a life filled with turmoil and uncertainty
Their love helped create a foundation of love.
This love was reciprocal with each of us being willing to give our all
Creating a present and future, for our family, when the walls came crumbling down.


Katie, you are a woman of integrity, faith, character and determination,
These are the gifts that we learned from each other
Challenging me at times of utter darkness
To venture forward, into the possibility of hope for tomorrow.


Kristen, you are a passionate and creative woman,
A free spirit with dreams to touch the sky
Grounded in the love of family and friends
We learned that it was possible to move beyond the pain of relationships
Finding true love and a soul mate and a partner.

These lessons provided an anchor in my life
To celebrate the times of joy that we discovered in our love for each other
To learn to breathe when overwhelmed by lifeís chaos
Written By KathyAnn Corl

A Grace Of An Angel

God graced me with three wonderful daughter's whom I have been honored to be their father. Katie Corl, Kristen Corl and Chanale Corl.Now I have Kristen as my angel.


MY Friend Kristen


my  friend

beloved daughter of my best friend Kathie

younger sister to Katie

older sister to Chandale and Robert by her father's 2nd and third marriages

loved daughter of her Dad Tim

loved by her stepmothers Anna and Debbie

and stepfathers Bruce and Bill

a valued employee and co worker

the much loved wife of Victor and a loving stepmother to his children

she had many friends in several states

she was loved by aunts,uncles , cousins all

she was a beautiful child who grew into a lovely young lady

I had the privilage of watching her grow up

and later our paths crossed again by my space, email, phone calls

One thing that I loved about Kristen was that like her mother and myself she loved to write poetry Another thing I loved about Kristen

was her geniune love for others and how she could make anyone feel special

I will miss her lovely smile

which could brighter any rooms she entered

I'll also miss her giving heart and spirit

and her zest for life and having fun

I'll always remember when she asked me to help her plan a special birthday party for her mother and write a  special

poem for it

I"ll always cherish memories of Kristen, Kathy and I baking Christmas cookies together one year and the fun and laughter we shared

My friend Kristen was one of the loveliest young ladies anyone could know

a true blessing from God

put on earth to be one of the loveliest flowers in his garden

a ray of sunshine for all who knew and loved her

Each of us left behind will miss and remember her in our own way

but  none of us will ever forget the blessing of loving her and we will find comfort in each other and in knowing we will see Kristen again some glorious day in heaven

 until that wonderful day we must trust her to our Lord while cherishing our time with her until he took her to heaven to be with the angels

I'll never forget you Kristen

I thank-you for your friendship and love to myself and my son Steven Ray who will always miss you as a dear friend from his childhood

In deepest heartfelt love and caring bye my friend
I will picture you dancing and singing with  God's angels until we meet again on those distant shores sometime in the future. 

- Carol Ann Nelson March 22, 2008

in loving memory and tribute to a dear friend

Photograph of Jessica Dawn Murphy.
Kristen was my best friend!
Kristen was my best friend in the whole world. She was the god mother to my oldest daughter Kayla. Kristen was more like a sister to me then a friend. Kristen lived with me and my mother in Greensburg. When Kathy went back to school she gave my mother custody of kristen so she could stay in greensburg and go to school. Kristen lived with us. After Kristen was 18 years old she lived in an apt right next to mine. We had the whole apt floor to ourself. This was not metion in this. Kristen also work at a couple places in Greensburg. We went to girl scouts together. She moved in with me and my mother at age 15. I think that is what age she was. We did everything and anything together. We were always there for each other. she will be dearly missed by me and my mother. My mother was her mother as well. My mother loved kristen like her own. She took good care of us both. Or did the best that she could. Raiseing two teens was tough though. LOL. I will always hold her memories in my heart and she will never be forgotten. I love you Kris with all my heart!

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