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This page will be what I have written.  The feelings from my heart, soul and spirit.  What I will Write. Jesus Is at the Helm Of my Life.

Life Changes 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2008- As the summer left, fall came around and then it started to get cold- I found out that my life had not been where it was supposed to be.  I found out that I was not living the life that Christ would want me to...I had turned my family out(My Wife and Son) As I got more into worship in church my life started to change slowly.....I wanted to serve Christ. To be his son-He is my Abba Father....Through working with my pastor...I am working at Going Deeper in my faith.  To love God...I am still growing, I would rather live a life of Christ than a life of sin, which was a lot of my pass. I am not where I want to be But I know where go...As a child of the King. My pray for wife and son Robert, for possible reconciliation someday...It's in Christ's hands not mine, but I trust in him....I will do my best to serve him(At times I will fail) I will keep on trucking and do the best I can...For he is the only way. I will be blessed by Thanksgiving and Christmas, because of his birth and be thankful foe what he did for me, he did for all of us....Salvation and eternal Life....SO I will Be blessed for this time of 2008- and Give Glory To God For 2009 to be a better year. That I will grow in him more and it will be a great year in so may way...PRAISE JESUS-Tim Corl

A Father's Prayer

A Father's Prayer-Worth Reading At Any Time

This is the best dowry of hopes, wishes and prayers I would be able to offer:

May God give you the grace of wit and wisdom to understand that rainbows are only the result of showers, dust, and hope.

May you always have joy in the morning and trust in the evening and may your sorrows be short and without scars.

May your lives have a spirit neither bent by belligerence nor broken by failure; may you simply love each other.

May you share with each other spring flowers, dirty dishes, music, rain, death, mushrooms, a measure of boredom, strawberries, and God.

May that God never make you immune to the wonderful afflictions of real love, making you instead farsighted to each other's faults, tongue-tied to criticism, and short of memory to petty hurts and slights.

May God provide the confidence and serenity that comes only from the assurance of each other's fidelity and the tolerance, as years go by, of wrinkles and gray hairs, short tempers, curlers, and Monday mornings.

May no one steal from you laughter at the top of the stairs or giggles and whispers in a dark room.

May you keep a hunger for each other, the appetite to taste tomorrow, and deep knowledge of and devotion to your past, heritage and families.

May you perpetuate trust, the radiation of vitality, kind answers to sharp questions and sharp humor to unkind attitudes.

May your fights be fierce and short, and may each truce be warm and long and held in each other's arms before the sun comes up.

May you walk with wise men, sing loud songs at late hours, share secrets, have healthy children, and provide smiles for lonesome strangers and prayers for those without hope.

May you never forget small things; smiles, birthdays, holding hands, family, old friends, the neglected, and the simplicity of saying please and thank you.

May you keep a warm, generous, and happy house where love is the insulation and God is present. May your children be friends of God's child, Jesus.

May your union bring a smile to the face of the Holy Spirit and may he live in your pots and pans, in your hope and aspirations.

- Author Unknown

Kindness And Love

Dear Lord:

Help Me Understand The Purpose In My Life. To Understand Your Purpose and what You want me to do. Help Me Each Day To Keep My Eyes Focused On You. Help Me To Be able To Talk WIth Other's THe Waay You Would Want Me To. To Share & Show Kindness And Love To Others. To Send Love To A Family Member Or A Friend. To Show A Stranger Kindness And Love. If We Can Show Kindness And Love TO Our Family And Friends Oh Lord We Csn SHow It TO Someoe We Don't Even Know. I Pray For This In Your Name.

As we all approace thie Chirstmas, let us all think of postive thngs and feelings towards other. Let us say Kind word to somewhere that we may not get along with.For it is easy to think negative thought's and not positive ones. It takes more energy to think negative thought's towards others than positive ones. For the power of our thought's is in the tongue. Speak kindness, say something nice to someone else. THink before you speak.(That was a very hard thing for me to do and to those whoi know me know that is very true)Tell someone how special they are anf how much you care and love them. Because kindness can bring a smile on someones face and in their hearts when they really need it. It is much easier to smile than frown..Putting a smile on someones face will made their day and Yours too.Send love to someone this Christmas season, Family, Friends and others.

God Bless to Of You at this special time of year

I send special love to my Wife wub.gif Debbie(Sister_sue48) wub.gif Please Pray For Debbie's HEALTH ISSUES-my son Robert and my other daughters Katie and Channie. PS Debbie inlove.gif I Love You So Very Much TIm

Christmas 2007

I wrote this for The Forums I post On and Thought it has a place here:

Tomorrow Is Decemeber 1. It starts The Christmas season for many of us. Not just The Giving and Receiving of gifts but the real meaning of Christmas. The most important one is the Birth Of Jesus on Chrismas Day.Its not the money I have or don't have to buy Christmas Gifts. That the most important to me. Its the reason that He was born To Save us from our sins and give us eternal life. Also It makes me think & realize what I have to be thankful for. Which in reality is alot. What Christ did for me on the cross.I am thankful also to My family, My wife wub.gif inlove.gif Debbie(sister_sue48) & son Robert(Both Of whom are not living with us)..My daughter Channie, Her Finance "Bryan" My Other Daughter's Katie and Kristen.My Church, My Pastors and my Friends. If it were not for my the fact I accepted Chirst into my life I Prob would not be here today. So yes I believe I have a lot to be Thankful for. I pray that each of you have things in your life to be thanful for as we approach this special time of year. Whatever your beliefs or faith. I truly believe that it is a special time of year to full joy and peace. So God Bless Each One Of you and Yours-From My family Present and Not Present Merry Christmas.
Tim and Channie(In Penna.) and Debbie and Robert in (Ky). wub.gif


Think Before You Speak- A Prayer For Thanksgiving 2007

That is a problem I have had for a long time. I speak in anger and hurt the very ones I love- The Bible says Proverbs 18:21 Death,and life are in the power of the tongue,
and who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it (for death or life) I have learned that the hard way over my life. I dont know how many others have had the same problem but I am sure many have. Its better To speak something nice or not anything at all. Oh! Boy. I blew that.. People can tell use by our actions and by the words that come out of our mouth. Its better to say nothing than to get into a nasty argument and tear someone apart.. I still slip at times and let my mouth get the best of me, but I am working on it. My toungue and actions hurt two very special people top me in my life , plus other family and friends. I wrote this because I believe in my heart I am not the only one with this problem. I turned to God and ask him to control my toungue. Actions speak louder than words., Tommorrow is Thankgiving. I asked God that I would continue to learn to think before I sppeak and let Tommorrow be a fresh start. And to tell the ones(We) I have hurt by my mouth and actions how sorry I am for what was said and done.. I didnt write this just for me but all of us, that we might think before we speak and think before we act. May you have a blessed day tommorrow and say somthing nice to someone. God Bless All My Firends here and Family as well. May, Peace, Love And Joy abound In Your Life- Remember Think before You Speak and act.

I Speak Special Blessing To My family and may they have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving day. I send my Love to Debbie, Robert, Katie and Kristen who can't be with us tommorw and love to my daughter Channie who will help me with Thanksgiving tommorrow . I miss my family that cant be with us this holiday season. In Christ Tim

Life Is What You Make It. Depending on the path that we all choose.
1 Corinthians 13:13But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love..
Today Is a special day for me as it is Good Friday Leading up to Easter Sunday If I don't love my fellow humans, My brothers and sisters, I have nothing. I decided to post this today as I was thinking over my own life, when I had forgotten to love another person and said something about them(sometimes my mouth still gets the best of me) Cause what comes out of our mouths by what we speak and say can never be taken back. Love life because we don't know what tomorrow will bring-If there will be a tomorrow. As I think of what Good Friday and Easter means to a great many of us- It causes me to pause and be thankful for what I have. Not always what I want.
May this Good Friday and Easter give all of us a chance of reflection in our lives. I am great Full for what I have not always got what I want To appreciate those around me I am thank full For the people I have met here and at ZeroPaid.(I posted a portion of this thought there but felt lead to add to it here( Be thank full for each day, I know I am learning that the hard way.1 Corinthians 13:1(If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal.)No matter what you believe without love we have nothing. They cant love their brother or sister nor forgive then for things that they have done to them, but what about what they have done to others. This touched me this Easter season and made me thinks about my life and what I have done.- I hope and pray that this helps some of you as well- Indeed Life is what we make It. May you all be blessed by the meaning of Easter-

Each Day Is A Special day. We Get A Chance To Get Up And Enjoy Another Day. To Be Greatful For What We Have., The Air We Breathe.. Just A Great Day To Be Alive. To Have The Things We Need Not Always The Things We Want(Or Think We Want) Enjoy Each Day And Be glad In It(For It) Put A Smile On Your Face and Be JoyFul And Happy. It Better and Healthier To Be JoyFul And Happy Than It Is To Be Sad. As Thanksgiving And Christmas Are Just Around The Corner. I Know What Would Make Me Happy. Time To Be Able To Spend With All Of My Family.I Pray For It To Happen And Put It In His Hands-That If Not This Year At Another Time. Be Thank For What You Have And Be Bleesed By Them.(I Have A Friend; And All Thanksgiving And Christmas Are Is Just Another Day-He Is A Friend Of Our Family. How Sad- He Says Just Another Day Means Nothing To Him) Rejoice In Each Day That You Are Able To Get Up And Make The Best Of It. Be Cheerful-My Family Isnt Going To Be Here This Holiday Season And Yes I Miss All Then. I Am Just greaful That I Can Be Thankful For The Meaning Of Thanksgiving And Chirstmas. Each Day Put A Smile On Your face(Its Takes Less Muscles To Smile Than It Does To Frown). Enjoy Your Life Its A Special Gift. I Send All My Love To Eeryone Here At This Time Of Year. May You Have Joy In Your Heart And Peace.I Send Special Love To My Family That Are Not Here At Thanksgiving And Christmas:inlove.gif Debbie Corl, Robert Tackett, Katrinia(Katie) And Kristen(In Heaven) Corl.We Miss And Love You All
God Bless All Of You At This Time Of Year - My Love To All

wub.gif Take I day at a time. Tell Your friends and family how much you care for and love them. If you did something to upset them, tell them you are sorry. for you may never get the chance. You lose love ones through passing on or leaving  and never get a chance to tell them that you are sorry for something that happened or that you loved them. Tell Some One That Is Special To You That You Love Them, Or That You Are Sorry For Something That You Might Have Done To Upset Then.--Love and Peace To You All! wub.gif

Be thankful for today. Be happy for the friends that you have and your family. Rejoice in the day. Make the best of it. Put a smile on your face you will be glad you did. It can cause someone else to have a better day. Enjoy your day, put your best foot forward. Say Hi to everyone you meet. If you havent talked to someone in a long time just take a moment to give them a call. Send a card or letter to soemone that you havent heard from.. If you hurt someone's feelings or did a wrong to someone go to them somehow and and tell them. Enjoy Your day. smile.gif

Be of good cheer when you awake. start by thinking good thought's not negative, cause all that will do is bring you down and others with you. Have a joyfull dispoistion . because when you do so will other's. When you speak to others say something nice to them. Think before your speak. Alot of times its easier to say something negative but take the high road, put a smile on your face and just say something kind to someone else. Let there be happiness and peace abound all around- Thanks Have a Great Day!

Anger can be either good or bad. I believe that is ok if you get mad at someone. Its how you express your feelings (ie anger) that is important.If you let your anger control you, it can turn into bitterness and hate.You can get angry but dont let it fester.

 I have grown spiritually in the last few months due to things that have happened in my life. Much of what happened was do to mistakes that I make in my life which caused a lot of pain to ones that the Lord showed me that I really cared about. I realized that I needed to turn to God to make it through this time. as a person, as a Parent and father. and moe inportannt a stronger relation with God. I still have a long way to go but it is worth it. Our church teachers that men are to be gateKeepers of the home and of the church, something that I will admit that I failed at.But when you go through hard times I I turned to God for help. I send my Love to all of you as u also go through your trials in life.

Proverbs 18:21 Death,and life are in the power of the tongue,
and who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it (for death or life)
I failed To Learn that for a long time  What came out of my
mouth was not always the nicest thing to say nor were my actions
either-  It took God to show me-  Turn To God- Think Before
You Act or Speak



In life we have many choices either bad or good. For many of us including me we chose the wrong choice(PATH) (Comes at a Cost- when dealing with you faith and trust in God)Also when I talk about taking a stand, weather its politics, A stand on health care of what ever the issue might be. I took a stand on health care as well and the how the cut backs were hurting the people that need them. Taking a stand can mean different things for all of us. Some of what I have taken a stand on in mental health issues and the cut backs. TAKE A STAND FOR WHAT EVER NEEDS DEALT WITH IN YOUR LIFE. There may be many and each one of us have those as well.= For me dealing with this post today its dealing with right or wrong choice that I have made in my life. It means taking a stand and following the will of God in my life, so that I can be a man of God, a GateKeeper- The spiritual leader in my home. In regards to my life, my family, children and people that I meet. I want to be a Godly example and so the right example to the people I meet on the internet as well. I have met a lot to people with a lot of love of the the Lord on the web.. I want to thank Crazy Horse for the inspirational support and for his friendship to me. I am honored to call him friend. He is a man of God and a man full of love for other's. His words that he pines have helped me so very much. Thanx Again my friend. We talk about choices and taking a stand about what choices are the right ones and the wrong ones to make. Think about it for a minute...................
I know very well where the wrong choices have gotten me. It has caused me and the ones I love and care about a lot of pain and heartache. As my walk with God has gotten stronger I have come to understand that I have to make a choice. Take a stand! I have through the strength that God has given me and yeah I do need his help over and over again. That I will continue to love my wife even if she is not living with me. That I will remain faithful to her because I am her husband and I do love her. I have talked with my pastor's more and more as I struggle in my walk with God. My path to doing wrong is an easy path to follow but as a Christian the path that he wants me to talk is narrow. I messed up with many issues during my life. Taking a stand for me means spending time in prayer and doing my best to be faithful to God. He is my Savior. In life we all have struggles. As a Christian I do not believe in Divorce. I believe that marriage is a life long commitment. Weather seperated or together I will not accept that option as such. Took me a long time to get to that place and others in life. Think about your lives and the stands that you have had to take. I am praying about this as I write this, trying to put my thought's into words. It has not been easy. I am to Love and Honor my wife. to love my children and to love others as well. I hope you will understand why I wrote this. I have become friends with many of you here and at ZeroPaid over the last four years. To realize that many of us have the same issues and struggles even though they are different ones. wub.gif I send special love to my wife Debbie as her 51 birthday comes around and to my step-son Robert Both down in Ky. wub.gif My daughter here and my other daughters Katie and Kristen I will love you always. Debbie; God told me that I am to love you the rest of my life. Thank You for the time and space to write this. It means a lot to me and I hope I didn't ramble on to much. When it comes to things like like this its still very hard for me to put into words. I am taking a stand on life as well. Thanks again to for all the love I have gotten sense I have been posting. I realize that taking a stand is not easy(Hope I didn't go on to much-lol) I again want to thank Crazy Horse for all the inspiration that he have giving me since i have know him- He is a friend indeed. He says at the bottom of his post that we are all related. If you read the bible, it proves that to be quite true. I am finishing this post as I am getting ready for church. I ask for a prayer for Debbie, Robert in Ky and her family in Ind. as well that they make receive a special touch from God for health and a long life(Live Long and Prosper Debbie- We want you around for a long time). Help me Lord to do the things that I can do and the strength to not do the things that I should not do. Keep us lifted up in prayer as well. Chandale and I send our love to all of you. We ask for blessings to be poured out on all of you. Love yah all and God Bless and have a great day in the Lord and Don't be afraid to take a stand. It will be well worth it. Thank for reading this- Thanks Tim wub.gif wub.gif
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Life Is What You Make It
Live Long and Prosper
Jesus Is The Way

A lot of times its hard to feel as if you have a purpose especally when you are feeling down. Just keep trucken and keep yourself connected to what you need to do. It may be hard. If your trust in God and keep yourself focused you will be successful in your goal.Keep a smile on your face and be happy

Live life like today is your last, and love like there is no tomorrow. Value friends for there are very few true friends(Posted By Sister_Sue48)( Please send a note of encouragement to her at this time) As I read over that statement she made. It made me think. We need to take life moment by moment, day by day and enjoy each day that we are given on earth by God and be thankful for it and give him on the praise, honor and glory. I enjoy each day I have. Even though My wife and step-son are not with us I love them so very much and thankful for them. I am also thankful for my other children as well and love them with all my heart, Chandale, Katie and Kristen. Be thankful for you blessings that you have been given. God Bless You All.


The Bible says and the greatest of these is love. There are many different types of love. I am sitting here thinking as I am writing this. This touched my soul when I read it. We talk about soul mates as two people together, In Love. You take love for granted until you have lost it, when a person passes away or a loved one you took for granted leaves. Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Ever here as you get to know people that post you meet a lot of special people.(I know I have(CH for one my friend)Love can make people do strange things. A friend of mine Gary said something to me a few day ago that touched me greatly He said. you don't know love until you lost it. He was right. Love is one of the most powerful words in the world. Thank you Richard for this posting. It touched me so very hard. Tell someone you love then before it to late. God gave us the ability to love. There are again many types of love. I took someone for granted, and as Gary said don't ever taken anyone for granted Look where it will get you. I know where it got me. Tell Some One That You Love Them Before It's To Late. LOVE IS AN AWESOME POWERFUL FORCE IT CAN MAKE OR BREAK A PERSON. As I was In church on Sunday and wept before the Lord, The Lord said that love is to be eternal. You are to Love that person for the rest of your life(something I had forgotten) Even after their passing. The Lord showed me that in relationship with my family. I am not to push them just continue to love them. He said that to push them can totally push them away. Love them forever.

It life we makes many mistakes. I just want to say that if I would that had turned to God earlier a lot of the stuff I did prob would not have happened. I am sure that most of us feel that way. Scripture says that when you atone for your sins and ask the Lord for his forgiveness that the Lord sends it to the sea of forgetness . It other words as far as he is concerned it never happened How great is our God( I love the words to that song) How great is our God Awesome is he. He gave his son so that we would have eternal life. I am learning so much since I turned my heart and soul back to him. Took a major crisis in my life. Thank You Crazy Horse for your encouragement and friendship. It has been a blessing from God
Love You All -Your Friend Tim- This thread has helped my spiritual life now more than ever
How Great Is Our God Words to live by Chris Tomlin

The splendor of a King, clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice
All the earth rejoice

He wraps himself in Light, and darkness tries to hide
And trembles at His voice
Trembles at His voice

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God

Age to age He stands
And time is in His hands
Beginning and the end
Beginning and the end

The Godhead Three in One
Father Spirit Son
The Lion and the Lamb
The Lion and the Lamb

Name above all names
Worthy of all praise
My heart will sing
How great is our God

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God

When you mess up your life, it not only messes up you but your family as well. It causes heartache and pain.. If we could do things all over we would. I know that I would. It caused me to sink to the bottom and wish I had never caused the problems that I did. I started to read the bible and pray more. We each have our ways of handling problems but for me My faith has helped me a great deal. I pray that things will turn around and we will all be a family again. I believe as a Christian that is what God wants. My pastors have been a big help during my struggle as I pray that my family will be reunited. Going to church and being with other believers has been a God send, We all have our ups and downs. When we crash it gives us all a new reality It did me.

As people we need to be held and hold. It is affection that is needed. Little babies need held. Without that they would not survive. Even as adults we need that as well. We all need to be loved. Receiving Love From others helps keep us be healthy.It feels good to know that someone loves us. It helps to give love to others. It is a blessing. God loves us so very much. He loves us so very much that he gave his son and he died for our sins That we could have eternal life ( God gave a miracle to Sister_Sue48. He healed her and gave her a son that she might never have had.) That is an example of Gods love for us. The most important thing he gave us is eternal life.

Life Is What You Make It. Depending on the path that we all choose.
1 Corinthians 13:13But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.
Today Is a special day for me as it is Good Friday Leading up to Easter Sunday If I dont love my fellow humans, My brothers and sisters, I have nothing. I decided to post this today as I was thinking over my own life, when I had forgotten to love another person and said something about them(sometimes my mouth still gets the best of me) Cause what comes out of our mouths by what we speak and say can never be taken back. Love life because we dont know what tomorrow will bring-If there will be a tomorrow. As I think of what Good Friday and Easter means to a great many of us- It causes me to pause and be thankful for what I have. Not always what I want.

Posted Aug 30, 2005
As we go about our daily lives
We must keep our brother and sisters
affected by the storm in our prayers.
That the loss of life will be kept to
a mimium. We need to go before
God and Lift this up in Prayer.
He is the only answer and will
guide us through the storm and
its aftermath if we believe and
thust in him.

Many times during our lives it is so hard to find Peace In Ourselves. Our lives are always so busy and full of stress and a lot of junk. Finding peace within ourselves and our spirit is so important. Through prayer and meditation we can get to that place of peace which is so important.

Life is a starange  thing. Things happen that we dont always understand. We need to understand that stuff will happen in ours lives. Sometimes for the best. I dont never understand why AnnaMarie(my Late wife) had to die at the age of 41. I don't understand why babies and children have to die. I lot of things I dont understand. I lost a closent friends at 12 years old. I wish people would all live to be ninety or so. A lot of other stuff happens in out lives that doesnt always make sense. Sometimes its for the best. I dont really know. All I know that I have to trust on God and believe in him. I really dont know what else to say. God Bless All of you and may you have peace and joy in yours lives. . We do need to heal and go on!

Anger only brings you pain. When you are angry you are not able to have a relationship with God the Father and Jesus the Son. If affects your relationships with other prople as well. Anger breeds bitterness. It will destroy your life. I have seen anger destroy marriages, families. People have lost jobs. It can affect your health. Whereas joy will bring you happiness and bring you closer to God.It will bring you closer to the ones you care about. Being happy and having a smile on your face can briing a smile and peace to others. Have you ever heard it takes more muscles to frown than smile.

I believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ as the SON of God. I believe in Salvation. I believe in the Father Son and Holy Spirit. In the vision I had I heard over and over all night long. I was awake all night. I heard the same songs over and over. I heard a voice in my mind telling me I had to change my life around. So yes I believe in visions and dreams. This one was very powerful to me thats all I can tell you.

I have wasted mamy moments during my life time so far. I wish I could do some of them over again. Some of them were pretty dumb as well or hurtful to others

Hopefully everyone can learn from their past mistakes.I know that I have. Sometimes I make the same mistake again. But I realize what I did was wrong cause it can cause pain myself and others in my life.

As I Read Over A Lot of The Posts That I had written before--Many Time's I Just Didn't Get.It. We Many Times
Don't Get It Until Our Lives Fall Apart-  Turn To God.  He Is Our only answer.

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